Hearts connecting through technology

HeartSync is an audio/visual experience that guides a group toward a synchronized state of calm and balance.  Special sensors measure each person’s heart, and visual cues guide the breath.  The physical balance between heart, breath and body, both of the individuals, and of the group, is constantly reflected in the sounds and visuals.

Like a technological mirror, the imagery and sound are endlessly and uniquely regenerated from the sensor data, perpetually guiding the group toward balance  Unlike a game, there is no individual winning or losing, there is only the relationship of the group evolving with breath and self-awareness.

When the breath is calm and rhythmic, the heart rate moves in waves, increasing on the inhale, and decreasing on the exhale. When the group breathes together, these waves synchronize.  This harmonious movement of breath and heart is a calm and balanced state for the body. HeartSync is a way for a group of people to reach this state together, like a technology facilitated group meditation.

HeartSync was originally funded by The Tech Museum in San Jose and will be part of an upcoming permanent exhibit. It was also recently exhibited at Burning Man.

HeartSync is available for festivals, events and exhibits. Please contact Mikey Siegel [mikeysiegel at gmail].

Thank You

Financial Support

The Tech Museum, San Jose [http://www.thetech.org/]

HeartSync Sound & Video Soundtrack

Joseph Minadeo [http://josephminadeo.com]


Jared Scheib [http://jaredscheib.com]

Video Sound

Daniel Berk

Video Title & Animation

Jonny Thomas [http://jonnythomas.com]

Video Cast

Elsbeth Inglett [http://iamelsbeth.com]
Andrew Mumm
Isabella Melo
Shiloh Burrows


Project Support

Romie Littrell
Jeff Lieberman [http://bea.st/]
Ben Siegel
Lauren Pasternack
Simone Lance
Michael Pollack