The anti-distraction machine

NOME is versatile tool, helping to calm your mind and reduce stress. By measuring your brain and heart, it guides you with audio and visual feedback. Phone’s are designed to distract us, NOME does the opposite. Its soft diffuse screen has no text or alerts, but can create mesmerizing visuals that expertly guide you toward balance.

Meditation Machine

Think of NOME as your high-tech meditation instructor. When your mind wanders the sound and visuals are instantly adjusted, guiding you back to center. When your heart rhythm shows signs of stress, NOME shows your optimal breathing pattern, bringing peace to mind and body.

Spiritual Swiss Army Knife

NOME will be open and extensible, connecting to variety of sensors, including EEG (brain), PPG (heart), and EMG (muscle). It is currently compatible with the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile EEG headset, and the open source PulseSensor.  It will be programmable through a dedicated mobile app, allowing for a constantly evolving set of feedback modalities.

Thank You


Tiffany Nollen

Project Support

Kenneth Folk